The most gambling countries in the world, the top 5 most gambling nations

gambling countriesWhen it comes to casinos, people imagine the famous American Las Vegas. Therefore, it seems that the most gambling people are located there. This opinion is erroneous. A large-scale study was carried out by specialists from one gambling company. They found out which country residents spend the most on gambling. Naturally, only official data were taken into account during the study. The following results were obtained.

5. Finns

In last place in the Top 5 are residents of Finland. The Finnish authorities are trying to control this industry, as well as work to avoid negative consequences from it. As a result of government reforms, the entire gaming sector came under complete government control. Most Finns highlight the lottery and sports betting. Online casinos are gaining more and more popularity. Almost half of the Finnish population participates in various cash and prize draws at least once a week. Despite the fact that these avid gambling addicts spend a lot of money on their hobby, there is a free gambling addiction treatment for them.

4. Canadians

In the fourth position of the most playing nations are Canadian residents. Many land-based casinos attract not only locals, but also North Americans who come to relax and unwind in gambling houses. And various sweepstakes and lotteries are in great demand among Canadians. Approximately one third of all residents regularly take part in lotteries: instant, electronic, paper, and drawn drawings. At the same time, such a love of gambling is not considered an addiction, and parents often present their children with lottery tickets as a gift. Sports betting is slightly less popular. Moreover, the most popular are bets on winter disciplines. In addition, popular are still canadian online casino, to play in which you can not leave home. 

3. Irish

The inhabitants of Ireland became famous for their absurd disposition. Ardent boxing fans make up the bulk of bettors. Much credit for the popularization of sweepstakes belongs to Conor McGregor and his contracts with bookmakers. Also, the Irish like to spend their time at slots. The volume of bets on slots is much less than on sports ones. But despite this, the annual turnover of this type of gambling is billions of dollars.

2. Singaporeans

The second place among the most gamblers is occupied by residents of Singapore. This state legalized the gambling industry only in the early 2000s. Singapore is home to a gambling haven with top-notch gambling establishments. Both ordinary people and VIP clients can play here. However, the Singapore authorities are doing everything possible to make the locals less subject to excitement, and the entire business is based on tourists. The standard of living and high incomes of Singaporeans allow them to leave large sums of money in gambling houses, so the efforts of the authorities do not stop local gamers.

1. Australians

In the first place among all gamers are the inhabitants of Australia. In this country, slots and sweepstakes are in special demand. You can spend time at pokies not only in specialized halls, but also in shops, gas stations, etc. Moreover, both women and men are subject to gambling excitement. The lion’s share of sports betting belongs to football fans. To combat gambling addiction, Australian authorities have banned daily advertising of online casinos and betting companies. More information about ways to combat gambling addiction can be found at ​​

To obtain data, the total number of bets was divided by the number of residents who reached the age of majority. The results of the study were stunning.