The Gambler’s Fallacy: Logic vs. Feelings at the Casino

The Gambler’s Fallacy: Logic vs. Feelings at the Casino

 If you are in a “logic vs. feelings” quandary, you are not alone. Apart from daily routine situations, beginner and professional gamblers face this dilemma literally every play.

Just imagine that you are a participant of a roulette session. The ball has landed on red for the past fifteen spins, and it is a high time for the final shot. When the croupier makes the next move, the ball will stop on red, won’t it? However, the case is quite the opposite. In terminology, such misperceptions are known as gambler’s fallacy. The chances are equal between red versus black hitting, so it is a mistake to consider the statistical independence for each round as a general game situation.


When it comes to movies, especially of fantasy genres, the difference between feelings and logical decisions is frequently waved. Just pay attention to how lucky a lot of characters really are. It is a common case to save the world or someone’s life with a single bullet left or to make the last shot perfectly.

Let’s compare two popular adventure universes — Star Wars and Star Trek:

  • Luke Skywalker did fail with just one shot left and saved his world. In the conditions of breath-taking pressure and time restrictions, he “trusted the force” and succeeded.
  • This cinema world can boast of numerous charismatic heroes, so one may be simply forgotten. Unlike the previous example, when the character flicked off his computer and targeted on his own, S’chn T’gai Spock is the one who doesn’t have any positive or negative emotions towards gaming and gamblers — he just finds the whole process illogical. At the same time, the individual thinks that this activity is challenging and thus interesting and attention-catching for humans.

Truth or dare? Red or black? Time will tell.

The Monaco Example

Let’s come back to the roulette table and get to know a real gambling case when there was a fight between what a person feels and thinks. Back in 1913, it was an excellent night for one gambling institution in Monaco. The ball kept on landing on red for twenty-sixth spins in a row. With every new round of the game, more and more people believed that the following hit would be on the opposite color and failed. The customers’ losses were high.

We’ve Got Chemistry

Gambling can provoke a lot of confronting feelings and emotions, so to succeed it is necessary to cope with them and take control of your focus skills. Even though this activity is so popular, a lot still find it too risky to participate. However, the probability of winning is present for every player. According to research, if you allow a user to throw the ball during the roulette session, the betting sums are likely to increase. In reality, the chances to win are 50/50, regardless of the hand.

Serious about Poker

The main line of the game is to collect a successful hand and compete with the dealer’s result. Due to buffing, you logically control your face expressions and leadless skillful players to their “crap-out”.

Keep It Fun

The number of feeling games online make you experience is literally endless. But it depends on your attitude how stressful this risky entertainment will be. Don’t forget that gambling isn’t about money — it is about having fun in a challenging and exciting way.

This article was written together with the team, we have put into it all the experience and knowledge that will help both a novice player and an experienced one.